Experience Health Inc, Trisomy 21/Down syndrome (T21/Ds)

Education and help to enhance the lives of those with Trisomy 21/Down syndrome

Our Story

We've loved every minute of our journey...(Well, mostly)

Well, more like a child was born, with a surprise diagnosis of Trisomy 21!
I knew then that my life, both as a mother, but also as a doctor, would never be the same.

Finding solutions for Trisomy 21

I began an extensive and exhaustive internet search to find ways to help my son.  I know from my previous work with autism and other neurological disorders, as well as working on methylation and other snp mutations, that SOMETHING could be done- but what?

Starting supplements.

Within a month after my son's birth, he was started on NuTriVene daily, fish oil, and a few of the PSC embryonic herbs to help his appetite, growth, adrenals and thyroid. I was also using essential oils to support his nervous and immune systems.

Facebook to the rescue!

After we had announced publicly our son's diagnosis, I got added to a few facebook groups.  Many of them I removed myself from right away- as I could not bear to hear the conversation about how "there was nothing you could do for Ds". Finally I was introduced to the Trisomy 21 Research group. Here I was able to further my education in Ds biochemistry and ways to hack it, via the work of Dixie Lawrence. I also started donating my time daily, to helping other parents of children with T21/Ds.

Energetic Testing to Enhance and Customize TNI

As a highly skilled Applied Kinesiologist/ energetic tester, I knew I could use my clinical and intuitive skills to both enhance and customize Connor's protocol specific to his needs.
I also knew that this would be part of my contribution to the Ds community- providing this unique experience and perspective to helping other people with T21.