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Self-Care Tips for Mom

Self- care is crucial to not only your health, but the health of your child/children. You can’t pour from an empty cup! Even the airlines recommend- putting on your own oxygen mask first, before you put your child’s on.

As a working mom who has children, one of them with special needs, I completely understand how hard it is to put yourself first. Here are some baby steps to help you get started.

1. Water- make sure you keep yourself hydrated. Drink purified water- avoid plastic water bottles. Add a pinch of sea salt and some fruit and/or essential oils to your water. Try to have a few water bottles, your amount for the day, ready to go, so you have the visual reminder of how much you need to drink before bed!

2. Coffee- some of us can’t live without it! Make sure your coffee is ORGANIC!!!! Coffee is FULL of pesticides and molds/mycotoxins. Drink a full glass of water, with salt in it, BEFORE your cup of coffee. Make your coffee more nutrient dense- a superfood- by making it bulletproof. Go to

I DO use Kerrygold salted butter, and I use Great Lakes Collagen 5 Tbsp. Now I add this... I also add xylitol and a drop of wild orange or cinnamon essential oil. Do not do this coffee if you are going to do a high carb breakfast.

3.Food- So many of us either skip meals, or eat something that we can grab fast. This places a lot of stress on the digestive system and your metabolism. Eat clean, high quality, nutrient dense food. Eat a rainbow! Variety and Rotation are best. Look at the Instant Pot as a way to streamline some meal cooking times. But please- eat. Your body needs fuel. Be conscious and slow down when you are eating. Take a moment to bless the food that is about to bless your body. If you tend to skip breakfast- then do the bulletproof coffee instead!!!)

4. Morning Ritual- start with 10 minutes in the morning. How you start your day, shapes your day. 10 minutes to do some stretching/ yoga poses, or other exercises, connect with your goals, read some affirmations, look at your vision board, journal, read spiritual literature, are important ways to set the stage for the day.

But if you really want to kick it up..check out

5. Evening Ritual- is tucking yourself into bed. It is important to take some time to consciously wind down and prepare the body for sleep. Turn off wi-fi and electronic devices. Use some oils/ your diffuser. Do a gratitude journal. Compliment yourself on what you did right that day! Read for PLEASURE- NOT RESEARCH!!!

6. Make your Joy list!!! Find/remember what gives you joy. Find a new hobby, or reactivate an old one.

7. Exercise- we all know how important this is. It does not have to be extravagant! A 15 minute walk works! Or look into

8. Outsource whatever you can. If you have the means/ability to have others help, allow yourself to do it! Outsource things like housework, grocery shopping, yardwork...things that YOU don’t NEED to do, if at all possible, to make more time for you.

9. If you find yourself resistant to self care- look at doing some work around self-esteem and self-sabotage. There are many things that can help with this- oils, homeopathy, EFT, psych-k….let me know and I’ll help you find what is right for you!

10. Consider getting on your own nutritional protocol- testing and optimizing gene function, correcting for hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies, etc. can go a long way in improving your health physically, emotionally and mentally!

To be continued……. Dr. Elizabeth

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