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"My mom is the best! I am a good boy and take all my supplements, because I know they are good for me! "

---Connor, Age 2- lifelong patient 

Dr. Elizabeth Hesse Sheehan is one of those rare healthcare providers who actually listens to her patients. She rejects the status quo that every medical issue is simply "Down Syndrome". This willingness to search for answers, far beyond the average doctor makes her invaluable to the DS community. Her education in so many areas that directly effect our children is more than impressive, it is inspiring. Her knowledge of Down Syndrome biochemistry and her impressing work on hydrogen and oxidative stress has made her a valuable addition to the Trisomy 21 Research Scientific Advisory Committee's health services division. We applaud her constant drive to improve the lives of not only people with Down Syndrome but of their families as a whole. Dr. Hesse understands that mothers of children with Down Syndrome are at far greater risk for diseases associated with the mutations of the MTHFR gene and extends her practice to encompass their needs as well.

Dixie Lawrence- Down syndrome biochemist

We are a family of five, living in Norway. Our youngest daughter has Trisomy 21 and is the one responsible for our family learning so much about health the last four years! During her first two years of life she developed Hashimotos (autoimmune thyroid disease) and since then she has struggled with her health and above all her energy levels. It has been a constant struggle to find the right help. Watching our baby girl literally flat out on the floor a lot of the time, with just too little energy to get up and play, has been heart breaking. We learned about the TNI protocol and started her on Nutrivene D when she was 2.5 years old, and within about half a year had her started on most of the TNI protocol. Before we ever became a patient of Dr. Elizabeth, she was very helpful and kind enough to send us products we otherwise would have had trouble getting here in Norway. Using conventional medicine is the norm, and especially so in Norway, and this was also the route we started, following up with all the recommended childhood vaccines, and typical thyroid medicine when she got her Hashimotos diagnosis. Long story short, that route didn’t work and we have been looking long and hard to figure out how to best help our little girl with overall health and most of all get her energy up. For us, ending up with an alternative treatment, that involves muscle testing, essential oils, homeopathic remedies and other supplements that is not something you find in a traditional treatment, was at first very different. Last summer when we started working with Dr.Elizabeth, we felt we had no choice but to try this, as nothing else had worked. By that time our daughter had what Dr.Elizabeth described as extreme fatigue and had also lost all of her hair. Today, a little over half a year later, we can clearly see the improvements in our daughter, with the big difference being that she is actually very happy and has more energy. She still has a long way to go and her hair came back but then fell off again. We have now also worked more with food allergies and discovered through dr.Elizabeth that she amongst other things, didn’t tolerate egg. This is a lot of work and like Elizabeths says, she has a lot in addition to having trisomy 21, but she will not stop looking for the answer for helping our precious girl! If you are looking for a quick fix, this is not it, but there is no such thing as magic pill. If you are looking for a compassionate doctor with a big heart and a head full of knowledge about TNI, trisomy 21 and a whole lot of other stuff, you have found her. If you feel like you would want an individualized approach on what to do with your child with trisomy 21, that knows all there is to know about TNI, this is where to look! We love the help we have gotten so far from dr.Elizabeth and currently she is not only working on my four year old with trisomy 21, but with all my three girls and myself as well, that is including a diabetes type 1 diagnosis on my nearly eight year old!

-Carina Stjernholm Hoff, Norway

"Seeing some EXCITING things happen with my little 5 year old!! So proud of him!!! In only a couple of weeks of tweaking his TNI protocol adding some additional wonderful things with the help of DrElizabeth Hesse Sheehan... Holt has cranked up his attentiveness, focus, gained physical strength and improved stability and coordination, improved verbal skills, cognition (game playing complexity) and finally growing taller.... it has only been about 3 weeks... and WOW!!! I want to publicly thank Dr Elizabeth for her amazing skill and wisdom and support!!! Sending love and gratitude!"

(picture at school full inclusion TK)

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