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Welcome to OneExtraOrdinaryJourney

The goal of this website is to

educate, inspire, and empower you

in helping your loved one who has

Trisomy 21/Down syndrome.

Please check out the different pages for information about the different elements of TNI- Targeted Nutritional Intervention as well as other tools, techniques and advice.

Please know that these are general guidelines/ recommendations. It would be best to work with a doctor who specializes in using nutrients and natural medicine in Trisomy 21/Ds. A doctor who specializes in Trisomy 21/Ds has spent extensive time studying the biochemistry of Trisomy 21, and can do appropriate testing of your child to customize a unique protocol that takes your child's individual biochemistry in mind. If you are interested in my methods or would like to become a patient, please check the About tab!

Who We Serve

Children and Adults with Down syndrome, and other diagnosis with Down syndrome including, but not limited to Autism, Add/ADHD, PANDAS, Sensory Processing Disorder, Auditory Processing Disorder, Growth delays, Developmental delays.

We also have a passion on working with caregivers. Having someone in your life with Trisomy 21 can bring some unique challenges. We love to help assist caregivers with their own health and wellness plan, so they can be the best they can be for themselves AND their family!

What We Do

Individulaized nutritional support. This approach to supporting Trisomy 21 means we are looking at the root causes of the issues the patient's body is showing us. In T21, often times that is GENE OVER-EXPRESSION, and this has to be the primary focus of attention. However, there are also many OTHER factors in addition to/ outside of gene over-expression that also need attention. These include but are not limited to nutrient deficiencies, gut imbalances, immune imbalances, endocrine issues, methylation support, heavy metal and other types of toxicity, unprocessed emotional challenges, trauma, etc. We address BOTH GENETIC and EPIGENTIC factors that contribute to these imbalances. The goal of this approach is not to 'fix" or "cure Down syndrome. The goal is to maximize the health of each patients, so they are able to express vitality and their full potential. Just like with every other health challenge, if there is a means to help support the patient, you do it! All recommendations are meant to support the body's own God -given innate healing potential and to promote and support health and wellness.

Available to each patient are a wealth of different modalities that aid in assisting the body's own Innate healing process in recovery and maintaining health. These include but are not limited to:

diet, lifestyle, supplements (vitamins, mineral, herbs, amino acids, glandulars, essential oils, and much more...) detoxification, emotional processing/release techniques, Quantum Neurology Rehabilitation ( Chiropractic and Koren Specific Technique (, Autonomic Response Testing, Wholistic Methylation and cold laser/LED therapy.

Every plan is 100% customized to the uniqueness of each individual, prioritizing what the body currently needs, while keeping an eye on the big picture. Each patient is thoroughly and carefully assessed with a health history, examination, and review of any and all current labs, in addition to ordering additional tests specific to history, present issues and need and ability. Evaluation will focus on health of parents during pregnancy, diet, surgical and medical history, supplement and medication usage, as well as a systems review, including but not limited to cardiovascular, respiratory, endocrine digestive, urinary, lymphatic, immune, nervous system, senses, ability to detox, energy, sleep, behavior, gross and fine motor skills, muscle tone and Integument system health.

Specifically with Down syndrome, we are looking to mitigate the biochemical impact of the expression of the extra chromosome, and create changes in oxidative stress, improve function of the brain and nervous system (cognition, focus and concentration, speech, processing) improve energy and sleep, reduce skin issues such as eczema, support immune system issues, support digestion, decrease negative behaviors (transition issues, stimming, aggression, etc) improve growth and development, provide support for pre and post surgical recovery, enhance detoxification and help increase lifespan.

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Mommy and Me

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